Edward J. Golden, Ph.D.
128 Peyton Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185

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Edward J. Golden, Ph.D.

128 Peyton Road

Williamsburg, Virginia  23185



About the Teacher

   Dr. Ed Golden is a native of Warwick, RI, and a career long educator with more than 30 years experience.   

   Dr. Golden has a Ph.D. in Education from University of Virginia, graduate degrees in theology and philosophy from the Dominican House of Studies, and  an A.B. in philosophy from Providence College.

    Dr. Golden has been an Assistant Dean of Students at the University of Virginia, the Dean of Student Life at Bryant University, and the Dean/Vice President for Student Affairs at Syracuse University.

     In 1977 Dr. Golden founded the  First Year Players at the University of Virginia and continues to support them, albeit mostly from afar, to this day.      

    Dr. Golden is a licensed Latin teacher and taught  Latin in Williamsburg-James City County schools for 9 years.  He is now retired.